Improving Vision
Through Innovation

At Santen Asia, We Believe In Creating Innovative Products To Preserve Vision And Improve Quality of Life. The Possibilities
Are Limitless.



Santen is pursuing development of products to satisfy unmet medical needs in ophthalmology worldwide.

As a pharmaceutical company specialized in ophthalmology, Santen wishes to preserve vision for patients by addressing unmet needs and by developing products that have significant positive impact on the QOL of patients. By focusing on the QOL of our patients we intend to address the needs of other important stakeholders such as, ophthalmologists, care givers and healthcare providers.

Therefore, our Medium-Term Plan (MTP2020) is focused on enhancing our product pipeline and developing new treatment options. Alongside conventional drug development, we have started to tackle challenging new technologies to optimize treatment outcomes using a "Network Product Development(*1)" approach. Good examples of this include the creation of a new formulation in partnership with Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI), DE-127 for myopia patients, and the development of DE-128 (MicroShunt) for glaucoma patients. We feel products like these will address unmet needs on a worldwide basis. In order to improve the outcomes of clinical research and improve patient care we are conducting translational research(*2) to identify biomarkers(*3) and eventually develop diagnostics. In addition, we are working to create preservative-free formulations of existing drugs while developing drug-delivery systems(*4) and better containers as a way of making these treatments more convenient and less burdensome for our patients.

*1 An approach of proactive use of compounds and technologies from outside the company in product development

*2 Multi-disciplinary research that links basic research, clinical research, and medical care and utilizes such findings for effective and efficient practical applications to contribute to healthcare advancement

*3 Indicators that objectively measure and evaluate biometric information to identify medical states including the onset or severity of disease

*4 Formulation technologies engineered to deliver the right amount of drug to the right target at the right time